New function “Sampling Video” is added in MEX.


Thank you for using MEX.(Mitsubishi Materials E-Scrap EXchange)

We are pleased to inform that as a new function "Sampling Video" is added in MEX, which will further improve transparency of our E-Scrap business.

To ensure transparency of our processing of E-Scrap, MEX has been disclosing photo of each lot of E-Scrap we have received.

Furthermore, with the newly added function "Sampling Video" it is now possible to view actual sampling process of each lot of E-Scrap. (*1)

We believe that this will further improve the transparency of our E-Scrap business (*2).

*1:At this moment video release is only for E-Scrap received by the autosampler at Onahama plant. We will announce again, when we will release videos of E-Scrap received at other receiving locations and by other sampling methods.

*2:The videos released through this function are intended only as reference information for our sampling process.

For more details, please review “User’s Guide”, which can be downloaded from MEX.

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