Online E-Scrap trading system

MEX (Mitsubishi Materials E-Scrap EXchange) is a unique service in the E-Scrap recycling industry that provides everything from booking delivery to confirming the purchase price online. Mitsubishi Materials aims to be your closest partner with MEX.

Operate the way you want

Visualize the transaction

Protect transaction information



What you can do with MEX


Operate the way you want

Previously, making new reservations and checking the status of your delivery could only be done during business hours, but now it is possible anywhere, anytime.


Visualize the transaction status

In MEX, you can see photos of each lot after the arrival at the smelter. Also, you can check the status of your delivery in real time.


Protect transaction information

We have strengthened the protection of transaction information by complying with major standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and SSAE SOC 2 Type 2, which require transparency in the way personal information is collected and used.

Why Mitsubishi Materials is chosen

Environmentally friendly smelter

By taking advantage of the Mitsubishi Process for continuous copper smelting, that has achieved the industry's top environmental impact reduction performance, we are expanding the acceptance and processing of E-Scrap, aiming to both promote recycling and address climate change.

The world's number one E-Scrap acceptance and processing capacity

Processing capacity of E-Scrap in fiscal 2019 was 160,000 tons, retaining the world's largest capacity.

Ability to make fair evaluations

With the knowledge and experience for the sampling and analysis accumulated over the years, we have been able to design and implement optimal processes.

Sampling technology

Here are the videos of our sampling systems.

Auto sampling system for high-grade scrap

Auto sampling system for large-size lots

Auto sampling system with Snyder samplers

Auto sampling system with 1-shaft shredders

Manual Sampling


Relay Station



What kind of materials do you accept?


Where is the place of acceptance?


What kind of packing do you accept?


What is the minimum lot weight for delivery?


What kind of materials are unacceptable?


What is the process from delivery to payment?


Please tell me more about the sampling system.


What kind of materials do you handle other than those containing gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium?

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